Home stretch

Hi everyone,

This week we have advanced on the website. Thanks to the explanations of a competent person in the computer field, we were able to send data to our database via the Raspberry Pi.
We have also taken advantage of this data to create a graph using the data. As against this graph is still not very good: we don’t see much of our data because the graph isn’t zoomed in and we must also improve the layout of it.
The site really starts to take shape but we still have to add some things. Such as a patient list, a logging for the doctor and improve the graphs.

Compared to last week, we have found an idea for the battery so that our project is autonomous. We will try to use a portable battery for charging phones. We’ll keep you posted if this solution works or not.

This week we have also reflected to the video because it must be done for about 2 weeks.
We thought about how to achieve this video as a kickstarter campaign. But we have also started the “Instructable” file with a short introduction, the list of items for the project and the various computer languages used.

We are happy, we made good progress this week and it was necessary.

See you later!

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