Weekly report : Electronic labs – April 13th

On Wednesday of this week, it was a lab’s day, we wanted to continue the code in html language. But when we tested the program with the form with a lot of data, the same error appeared. After a long time when we tried to find the error, we asked Ms Devuyst.

We are very happy to announce you we find a solution to our big problem. Our mistake was in the name of the table “references”. Because this word is a dedicated word and so, we can not use it in the name of the table or of the database, for example. So, we changed the table name into “ref” and it works. We also checked for the other table names.

Next steps are:

  • Looking for QR Code programming in html language;
  • Create a reference for each sample;
  • Collect data for each sample and be able to modify the saved data;
  • Define how and when we generate the QR Code.



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