Timer functionality

Hello everyone,
For this week, we have decided to work on the timer of the Arduino to improve our project. This timer allows the integration of a time component at the Arduino. Thus, if the Arduino is switched off the timer will be able to save time. It comes in the form of a small electronic circuit powered by a cell.
Why is it interesting for our project?
First, when logging data, it’s often really useful to have timestamps! That way you can take data one minute apart (by checking the clock) or noting at what time of day the data was logged.
Secondly, which is of great significance for the functionality of the project. For example, if a power outage occurs at the user, the aquarium will always functional. So, the feeding of fish will be always carried out at the desired time by the user.
We have wired temporarily the timer at the Arduino to check its functionability. This wiring was realized easily, do it according arrangement :
– VCC Arduino 5V
– GND Arduino GND
– SCL On A5
– SDA On A4

For the test, we first have put the initial time and date into the timer. Then we have turned off and turned on the Arduino. Finally, we have retrieved the time and it matched to that we desired.
See you soon everyone!

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