Project status

Hi everybody,

Today we are going to talk about the state of advance of the project. During the last lab which took place on 13 April 2016, we have faced some difficulties in the programming. This problem comes from the communication between the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi. Indeed, when we wanted to display on the management interface of our aquarium, the different values measured by the sensors such as the temperature and the percentage of brightness, we realized that these values were not displayed at the right place.

The reason for this problem is that variables are stored in the buffer memory. Considering that the cycle times are different for the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi, all data received are mixed before the acquisition at the interface. In order to solve the problem as quickly as possible, we decided to meet each other on the 21st April. Main goal of this meeting is to try to solve this problem and go further in the programming.

Then, as we all know “Rome wasn’t build in a day”. We will therefore proceed step by step in order to reach our ultimate goal.

Join us for the next episode.

Team smart aquarium.



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