Components installation on the working board

Hello everyone,
This week, we decided to work on the design of the Smart Aquarium. To achieve this, firstly, we have recovered all the material necessary for the implementation of this model.
The model will be composed essentially of an aquarium coming from a group member. In this way, it has reduced the cost of our project.
Behind the aquarium, a wooden board is disposed to fix all the electronics required to operate the project. We will find there, a breadboard, a relay module, a display, the Arduino, the Raspberry Pi, a modem, a timer, sensors and other additional components that will be implemented as and measuring of the state of advancement of this model.
Moreover, we tried to optimize the space of the wooden board by having reflected on the arrangement of the various components. In this way, it was possible to have the most compact plate. Thereafter, this board will be paint to the hanging behind the aquarium.
However, as the program is not finished, the board will not be placed behind the aquarium. To reach this step, we hope that this project will not end fishtail.
Join us for the next episode.
See you soon everyone!

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