9th week of the project : the first tests

Hello everyone, here are some news of the Smart Hot Plate’s project

The code is ok, the screen works and we can modulate the static relay by the computer. So, all operates in manual mode. But we want that the static relay be commanded automatically with the temperature of the liquid that is in the pot. For that, we have used a PID.

This week we tried to regulate it in doing tests. First, we used only the P without I and D because P regulates the rise time and the exceeding. We cannot accept a big exceeding because the user will have to wait a long time to have the good temperature and that is the goal of this project, do not wait the soup cools. When our P was correct we have chosen of working with the D and not the I because D is going to work on the stability and the speed. For this project, we won’t use the I because it works on the precision and it is not important for us.

Those several tests took us a whole day, it was very slow because we work with a metallic plate and we had to wait that the plate cooled to start again. Finally have chosen 5 for the P, nul for the I and 3 for D. With these numbers, the results seem us good.

See you soon!


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