Session 7

In this laboratory, we tested the GPS shield to see if it was working properly. It was quite difficult in the beginning because first, the connections were wrong as we used a Softserial instead of a simple serial as the MEGA as five serial connections. Second, we had a problem whether between the MEGA and the PC or whether between the GPS shield and the MEGA. Eventually, we decided to test the shield on an Arduino UNO to check if the shield worked properly.

We realized that the shield was not able to get the signal inside the laboratory class. So we decide to go outside to try to get signal and a few minutes and a car ride later, it appears to work properly. We try to display all the information on the computer. But we had to display the information on the LCD screen and not only on the computer in order to have a mobile device. Then the problems began to appear. It was, at this moment, impossible to display the speed and the other information on the LCD screen. In order to get the signal inside the laboratory, we connected an antenna on the shield but the reception was not better.

See you soon.

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