Facing the problems

Hi everyone,

Until now we had not face huge problems but now we are really slowed. Our biggest problems came from the internet coding.
We are beginners in online programing and that’s because the simple fact of making a site was the first big difficulty for our team.
After having done a lot of researches, we finally started by the beginning: we needed to find a host on a server, a free one if possible. Gracefully, we final found one free.
Then we put together all the informations we collected and tried to make our first internet page. When that was done, we tried to make a data base in which we could put all the informations related to a patient. I have to say that the page seemed pretty ugly for now but we will think to improve the interface later. Thanks to a lot of tutorials on the internet, we are now able to add patient information as list in a table.
The next step is to send the data from Raspberry Pi to the internet page.
The final goal is that the internet page could generate a graphic that presents all the patient data by time.

See you later all.

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