Installation of Raspbian

When we received the raspberry, it didn’t contain the operating system. To make it work, we did research to put an OS. Raspbian is the operating system was chosen to operate the Raspberry Pi.

As raspberry contains no memory, so we had to put the software on an SD card. To put it on, we had to install software to create a bootable micro Sd card. At first, it didn’t work because the sd card format was not appropriate to create a bootable card. We had to put in FAT for this to work
Once it is installed, it took realize the link between the raspberry and Arduino. This is achieved through the usb port raspberry. Once this link realize, programming between the two began. This is possible thanks to python 2 of Raspberry Pi. Then the USB interface has been defined to communicate. An argument had to be used to find. Then it was possible to communicate with the Arduino using writing and playback controls. The Arduino was also program to communicate with the Raspberry Pi. The argument had been find on internet on different websites.

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