6th, 7th & 8th week of project: Temperature sensor test

Hi Guys!

During two weeks, we didn’t work on the project because we have also another tasks for school and some friends went abroad during the vacancy too. But we think that we are in a good timing to finish our project at the time requested.

In our project, we worked step by step, element by element. So, after the LCD screen, we added a temperature sensor.


The methodology that we used for the temperature sensor is the same that we used for the LCD screen. First, we researched documents about this sensor with its references. Secondly, we connected wires of sensor to Arduino and we checked with a program if it was correct.

The particularity of our sensor is that it returns a numerical value. Indeed, in the most cases, sensors return analog values. So we had to convert the numerical value in degrees. To resolve this problem, we based on a project using the same sensor. We took back their code and we edited it to make it functional to our project.

After testing the sensor’s program alone, we added it in the main program.

Thank you for your reading!


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