Weekly report : ADaDeDuTon – QR code and code issues

This report is about the two weeks of Easter holidays. One report for two weeks because we worked less on this project than the week when we have a lab.

During this two weeks, we found how to generate a QR code with PHP. It means that when we create a page for a sample, we can convert the link of the web page to the QR code. When we scan the QR code with a reader, we can access directly to the page of the sample.

After that, we have to finish the programming to save data into the database. But when we tested the program, data were not saved in the database. We tried to find problems in lines of PHP code. We are able to save data in our test page but when we apply the same programming to a bigger form, it does not work.

To solve one of our problems, we decided to code in html language in place of PHP language. So we have to code all the different pages we code in PHP language. These transcriptions will be done during the first lab after holidays.


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