End of vacation

Hello everybody,

This week has been more based on the theoretical aspect of the project.

After finding the practical solution for portability last week, we turned back to the coding and website appearance.

From the perspective of raspberry, we installed python to program thereafter sends the data to the website from Rasberry Pi.

The USB connection between the Arduino and Raspberry also done to perfection.

Part of the team is to finish programming the Arduino in terms of the led, the display and the beep. This part is about to be finished.

The other part of the team focuses on the website and data processing thereof. This part of the work is more complex. We have many difficulties to create this website and use the data.
We know almost realize the website but after that we still need to do research to create groups for patients, create graphics with the data, create alerts if bradycardia or tachycardia.

The last point is the protection of the website so that everyone does not know to go see. We believe putting a login and a password to the doctor because it seems that this is the simplest solution.
Although this would be the simplest solution, it will complicate the programming but this is necessary to keep the confidentiality of patients.

Next week, laboratories will recommence. This will allow us to ask our questions.

See you later

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