concrete Advance


Hello everybody,

This week we are more devoted to achieving “practice” of the project.

Indeed, because our project need to be “portable”, we thought to make a Lego box that might contain the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, which will be separated from one another by a plastic piece.

One part of the group did multiple researches on the realization of a website and we have collected a set of libraries and examples that might be helpful to make this website. We also think further about how the website would be designed.

And the other part of the group continued to improve the Arduino code to easily send data to the raspberry pi.

Currently we are working on how the Raspberry Pi can catch and treat data from the sensor through the Arduino.

By searching online, we also realized that it might have been possible not to use the Raspberry Pi by using an ethernet shield for Arduino. However, it seems easier for us to use a Raspberry Pi.

For the next week we will try to properly communicate the Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The goal is to be able to send data on the Internet thanks to the raspberry pi.

See you later all.

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