Coding & connection

Hello everyone,

This week, we still have to work on coding of our project. We are working on the Raspberry. We also start working on the website that will allow us to collect patient data. It is necessary that this website is complete and the data is not accessible to everyone. It will therefore encrypt this site.

We made a list of equipment that we still order to have everything that will be useful for the project. We will achieve this order this week.

We still have to make the connection between Arduino and Raspberry. Will require that the raspberry is the interface. That it will power the Arduino, and give him orders. This is a fairly complicated part of the project. We also reflected on the problem of the battery. Indeed, we want our project to be portable. It is necessary that the patient can have the full equipment on him. It must work via a battery. This is another rather important point we still have to work.
We go well in our project, but we have still a lot of work . We should see us several days during the Easter holidays in order to complete various points, and do not lag behind.

see you soon everyone!

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