Project report 6 & 7 : Small steps

Hello everyone!

Our apologies for the lack of report last week. We had some projects to finalize and we were unable to post the report.

Last week we had to prepare and realize a short presentation of our project and its technical features and the implementation. It had the purpose of promoting exchanges and sharing of technical solutions between each group.

We also attended to a conference about the use of the raspberry pi at UMons. We learned some tricks to program and use correctly the raspberry pi.

For the raspberry part of the project we worked hard to be able to use the school wifi network but it wasn’t easy. The raspberry didn’t recognize the authentication system and we couldn’t log in. So we decided to set up a bridge on a laptop and use the Ethernet port of the raspberry board. Then we tried to solve the communication issues between the pi and the Arduino. After many tests, we are now able to use the usb com. In the last lab session, we installed and prepared the apache server.

For the Arduino part, we solved and enhanced the order management system for the serial communication with the raspberry.

This week we received the components, so we could test our programs with real stuff. For the next work session, we will establish the coefficients to apply on the crude measures to obtain the right measurements.

We also received the servomotor. As we never use this kind of component before on an Arduino board, we had to learn how to drive it. We didn’t need a specific library to use it because it’s a continuous rotation servo. We used the PWM output. For now, we can’t control it properly and we will fix it for the next time.

See you soon,

Guillaume, Mathieu, Vincent, Kevin

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