5th week : Connexion between the command circuit and the power circuit

Hi Guys!

During the last laboratory lesson, we put in place the command circuit with the Arduino. Today, we connected the command circuit to the power circuit by using a state relay between the Arduino and the hot plate.

The hot plate is composed of 3 eating conductors with a button to command six possible combinations. We removed the button and chose to put the combination with the three eating conductors in parallel. In this way, we have got the largest power range. The body of the hot plate was connected to the ground to avoid electrocution.

The state relay is composed of a transformer primary and a secondary. The primary is linked between pwm and 0 Volt. The command sends a DC signal included between 0 and 5 Volt. This DC signal is transform to the secondary of the transformer in an AC courant from 0 to 230 V for the alimentation of the eating conductors.

The next step is the program formulation of the pwm signal to generate into the primary of the state relay.

See you soon!


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