Next step

Hi everybody,

As mentioned last week, we launched our project!

First, we split the tasks between us.

On the one hand, Charles and me started by testing the Arduino with the heartbeat sensor. The search result and are successful, we managed to get the heart rate using an LED and the value of beats per minute.

On the other hand, Steve, Romain and Dralants conducted research to provide data using the Raspberry Pi. The issue was that we need 2.5A to power the Raspberry Pi that we will use. We have not yet been able to use the Raspberry because of that. They then did research on the Raspberry Pi for sending the data to an external monitor.

We continue to use the Asana software to establish a schedule to follow. Indeed, the use of this software is simple and indispensable in the realization of project.

Thus, we set a goal to finish the code for sending the data to an external monitor after 2 weeks of leave pacques at the latest.

For the next week, we hope having started the actual code that will allow the Arduino board to “use” the values sent by the sensor.

See you later all.

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