Week 6

Hi everyone,

This week, we had to prepare a short presentation about the project. So we explained the aim of our project and what is a rally timer. After that, we didn’t have any lab session. During the week, the GPS ship arrived. So we searched some tutorial about the GPS used.  During those presentations we expected to find a partner who used a GPS ship too. Unfortunately nobody used a gps. We are alone with our problems with the GPS. However, some other groups used a keypad and almost all of the other groups used a screen (with an Arduino or with a Rasberry pi). We can help each other.

We continued to improve our little calculator program to use the LCD screen and the Keaypad. Unfortunately, we had issues yet. We had some problem to show the information on the screen and to take the information on the keypad. The problem was about the time to put the number on the keypad. We are now ready to create our own rally timer. We hope that the GPS shield would be easy to use. We are now waiting for the lab to use practically the GPS shield, the screen and the keyboard.

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