Electronic weekly report – ADaDeDuTon

This week, we continued to progress in our electronic project with the PHP programming. We are moving in the build of the interface. The aim is to have a pratical interface for scientists of Materia Nova who will work with our program.

We have also installed a QR Code library in the Raspberry pi. Next step is to try this library and generate a QR code with the program. This will be the link to retrieve sample data in the data base. Finally, we will be able to print the QR code and stick it on the sample.

Last Monday, we have explain at the other groups what we do with our project, how we will do it with a little speech in front of the class. The goal of this exercise was to expose difficulties encountered during the project and compare with other group difficulties and maybe find an external solution. For example, we have a problem to connect to the Raspberry pi with its own name, we must to use its IP address each time. We know that another group has the same problem. Maybe we will find the solution with them.

For next time, we will continue the PHP programming and improve the interface. We will try to resolve the connexion to Raspberry pi with its name. We will try the QR code method to generate the link.


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