6th week, presentation and material

Hello everyone,

This week, not a whole lot of progress : our components are delivered little by little, but we are still missing a couple of raspberries to be able to work on our own at home.

During the first hour of class, we had to present our project: there are a couple of points that are very similar to other projects of the class, meaning that we should try to work together.

After that, we tried to use the touchscreen we received : sadly, since the raspberries’s software from school aren’t up to date, it didn’t work as we planed.

Since we are going to program in Python, we started on learning a little bit more about this language. Kris also managed to install an Apache server. Matthieu worked on the communication between the Raspberry and the Arduino board: it was working, but not completely : this will need to investigate a little more.

Regarding what we plan to do next, we will continue to work on our separate part of the project: in a couple of hours, we should have advanced enough so that we can start to think how we cold put everything together. Thsi will certainly ba one of the most challenging part of our project !


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