4th week of project : the beginning of the wiring

Hello everyone!

The first step of the wiring of the Arduino is to connect the LCD screen and we tried to do that this week. That LCD screen will allow us to communicate with the user. For this, we have looked on the Internet for an example of wiring.


To test the screen which we received, we downloaded an example of program which is in the library of Arduino. We took the example of program of name “Hello world”. The aim to use this technique was to ensure, if we have technical problems during the test, that we hadn’t done a wiring error. Indeed, by taking the example “Hello world”, we were sure that the programming is right. So, if we had a problem during the test, we were sure that we did a wiring error and not a programming error.

Generally, the cabling is always something rather simple. However, for the screen, we just have a white screen with the « hello world » program. Thus, we thought has a problem of cabling but we found no errors. After several researches, we saw that the problem was a problem of contrast. This problem is easy to solve with an action on the potentiometre.

See you !



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