weekly Report macgyver team

Eventually this time were able to work specifically on the project. Savinien and François worked on the LCD screen. They displayed some information on the screen. Next to this they succeed to make the message scroll from right to left. They also tried to make solenoid valves work. The main problem was that they needed to command the valve with 12VDC while the Arduino worked on 5V DC. For this they required the use of a transistor. In order to increase the power they use the Darlington montage. All the code use to make this will be easy to add to the whole program the ohers were working on. On the same time Victor, Julien (and Anthony) were writing the pseudo-code for the arduino program. Once this done, we could begin the the arduino code writing. In the time we had we were able to code the engines start-up only. They coded the variables definition and the engine purge to remove oil from the ducts. While they were working on it they realize that a multi-plexer would be needed. Indeed we do not have enough in/output on the Arduino to make this work as wanted.

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