Session 5: in the real project

This week we received most of the principals parts of our project. We received : the lcd screen, the keyboard and the arduino mega. During the laboratory, we decided to test the parts.

Firstly, we tested the arduino mega and the screen. We found au tutorial on the net and we analized it and used it to switch on the screen. We had some issues due to the potentiometer. Indeed, we were using the wrong one. When we used an appropriate potentiometer, the screen switch on and we put some informations on the sreen.

Secondly, we started and tested the keyboard. It was quitte easy to use but we found some questions and issues according to the keyboard for our application.

During the lab, we decided to use a GPS shield/Ship  o give the information of the position and the time. With the position we can have the speed and it is one of the options of our rally timer. For the time, we decided to use the GPS and not a conventional timer. We are not sure about this choice and we wanted to test it. For the information we thought that it would be more easy to take the information from the GPS in place of an inductor sensor. We order a GPS Ship on ebay.

Finally, we tested the screen and the keyboard together with a calculator.

We are now almost ready to begin really the programmation.

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