Session 4: ordering the components

During this course session, we ordered some of the components we need for the project. We first ordered the Arduino as the whole project will be based on it. We thought than an Arduino could be enough to lead the rally timer.

For the project we need some material:

-An Arduino

-An LCD screen (16*2)

-A keypad (4*4)

-A GPS shield

-A breadboard

-A 10K potentiometer

We chose an Arduino Mega 2560 because it has 54 digital I/O and 18 analog I/O. As we used a keyboard and a screen we need a lot of I/O. The screen is a basic and cheap LCD, two rows sixteen columns, using at least six digital outputs by working in the four-pin data configuration and ten in the eight-pin data configuration. The keyboard is a matrix one, which uses eight digital inputs for a total of eighteen I/O which must be added the I/O for the GPS shield. That’s why we ordered a Mega, because the UNO only have fourteen digital I/O, and it allows us to avoid the use of a multiplexer. The 10K potentiometer will be used to change the LCD screen contrast. Due to the project, we have to know the time always and in real time. We had try to find a solution to this problem but without probants results.

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