Project lab

Hello everyone!

This week’s session was entirely focussed on the projet. In order to be more efficient we decided to separe the team into two groups. By this way, two persons have worked with the Arduino ant the rest of the team with the Raspberry Pi.

Before this lab session, all the objectives of the day were clearly defined. The problem was that the components we ordered were not yet delivered. So we decided to use a program called 123dcircuits ( wich simulates in real time the behaviour of a circuit and its associated arduino code.

Thanks to this program we were able to measure the fictive temperature into the aquarium by using the analogue input and then to display this value on the LCD display unit.

The other part of the team worked on the raspberry pi, the main goal consisted to connect the computer to the raspberry and be able to control components with an interface installed on windows OS. More precisely, to achieve this objective, we used the socket module already available on the raspberry, we open and listen a port on the server side and connect to it from the client side.

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