Second Approach

Hello everyone!

This week, we had our first lab without any assistance & oversee. Now we are on our own and we need to go further in our project because time is not in our favour.

We received the pieces from our order. We have the sensor, the arduino and the raspberry pi but we didn’t know that we had to order an alimentation with them. So we were already stuck because the alimentation in the lab are 2A & we have to work with a 2,5 A alimentation.

We splited the team in 2. Three of us were working on the arduino part. The objective is to receive the information from the sensor and to extract it.

The others were working on the raspberry pi. They tried to install raspiSMS but we didn’t get enough time. Because we had to download and to extract the software and by this time, the lab was over.

We know now which materials we need & we can start propely.

See you next week week with a lot of news problems-solutions.


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