Lab on Raspberry Pi – ADaDeDuTon

For this week, after having installed all the different software on the Raspberry Pi, the team was ready to begin the first tests with the database MySQL thanks to “PHPMyAdmin”.

We learned a lot of things about the language PHP. It is necessary for the next of our project. We can produce dynamics web pages with a database thanks to this language.

Codes lines will be made with the program “Notepad ++” on the computer. Then, these codes lines will be integrated on the raspberry with another program that can be used on this. This program is “WinSCP”. After that, these lines will be generated to create a web page.

With the web interface PHPMyAdmin, we can create four databases in MySQL:

  • the first one is HiPIMS;
  • the second is BHT;
  • the third is DC;
  • the fourth is Pulse DC.

Those databases come from the different melding processes used by Materia Nova for their samples.

In these databases, we found how we can create different data that will be introduced by the user.

These data will be introduced by the user on a web page thanks to the code created by PHP and will be stored on the MySQL database thanks to “PHPMyAdmin”.



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