Project Report 5: First project lab

Hello everyone!

As a reminder, we splat the group in two teams: the Arduino and PI group. Concerning the Arduino group, we are programming the board. The Arduino is now able to read the analog inputs and commanding the different outputs of the project. Unfortunatelly, we have not received our components ordered yet so we use LED and potentiometers to simulate inputs and outputs. The arduino permits two mode: the manual and automatic mode. Users will be able to drive each element independently of others thanks to the website. They also can let the Arduino board regulate the greenhouse by its own by using automatic commands. But for now, the communication doesn’t work and we are focusing on it to solve the problem.

About the PI, we found, with the help of Mathieu Lhoir, a remote desktop program called Xming, it’ll allow us to use a graphic interface on SSH.

Xming interface

This week, we met several problems with the raspberry like the OS install, a library install to mention just a few… The next week, we’ll attend a conference regarding the use of the raspberry PI and we hope learning more about the basics of the PI.

See you soon,

Guillaume, Mathieu, Vincent, Kevin

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