First project lab for next week

Week 28/02 to 05/03

This week was used to prepare the next lab. Indeed during this one we are going to begin the project programming and wiring. In this aim a blue print of the project was done and we begin to create an algorithm which will explain the program functioning.

Furthermore as we have to make a prototype we can show on a video, we needed to book the different materials required such as the LCD screen or the Arduino. The next lab will then be for the LCD screen programming. This screen should display the temperature in the heat exchanger and the mode which is used.

After review of the primary plan, we did some modifications in order to +optimize it and avoid the used of an unnecessary high number of component. Especially the pump and solenoid valve number. Indeed eventually we are going to use two pumps and four two way solenoid valve. We could use two three way solenoid valves but the expensive cost of those kind of valve prohibited it and we decided to get the two way ones.

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