5th week: Here we go!

This week, each of us started working on a different part of our project.

Mikail started by doing some research regarding PID regulation using an Arduino. There is already a library that allow to easily implement such a function; we will need to make some tests.

Jordan wanted to work on the graphical display; since we didn’t receive the touch screen yet, he managed to find some information regarding how to install the required driver. He also will have to choose a program to create a graphical interface.

Kris wanted to install an Apache server on the Raspberry Pi; sadly, since there are no Wi-Fi module on the Raspberry pi 2, he wasn’t able to do much during the lab. He will have to install all that’s required at home, with a decent internet connection.

Matthieu started to follow a python tutorial specifically made for Raspberry, since he doesn’t have any knowledge in this programming language. He still have to work on the communication between the Raspberry and the Arduino

Arthur made some research on how to program an app on a smartphone, and make it communicate with the Raspberry via Bluetooth

We were not able to achieve a lot of our goal: since we could not connect the Raspberry to the internet. Nevertheless, we know what we need to do, and when we receive our Raspberry boards, we will be able to work at home too!

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