Lab on Raspberry Pi – ADaDeDuTon

For this lab, we tried to install some packages on the Raspberry Pi to use it as a database server.

We are going to use our Raspberry Pi as a database to manage samples from Materia Nova.

We did this thanks tutorials (“Build a lamp web server” from, “Installer un serveur web sur votre Raspberry” from and so on).

This article describes how we tried to do this. All commands will not stand here. You can consult it on .

First step is to take remote control of the raspberry pi thanks to Putty (SSH).

Second step is to install Apache. Apache is the web server.

Thirst step is to verify Apache works fine. To do this, we can connect on the localhost address on the Raspberry Pi (

Fourth step is to install PHP on the Raspberry Pi. PHP is an interpreted language. So we needed to install an interpreter to interpret the language.

Fifth step is to verify PHP works fine.

Sixth step is to install MySQL. MySQL is a database management system.

Seventh step is to verify MySQL works fine.

Eighth step is to install PHPMy Admin. PHPMyAdmin is used to manage easily databases.

Ninth step is to verify PHPMyAdmin works fine.



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