Ordering of components and first schedule

Hi everybody,

Since last week, we launched our project, it’s time to start the achievement of it.

We started by ordering the Arduino and Raspberry Pi that we will use.
We think that the Arduino may be use to obtain the heartbeat and the Raspberry Pi for sending the data to an external monitor. We also ordered a heartbeat sensor and other components required for the installation of the project such as a dual 7-segment display. The display will show real-time heartbeat of the person concerned. The different components that we ordered will be delivered to Remi’s house early next week.

We also used the Asana software to establish a schedule to follow. Indeed, the use of such software is an indispensable help in the realization of such a project.

Thus, it was decided that once received the Arduino board, we set a goal to finish the code for March 20th at the latest. Other targets to schedule depend on the respect for this first deadline.

For the next week, we hope having received the Arduino board and the others components. Then we will start the actual code that will allow the Arduino board to “use” the values ​​sent by the sensor.

See you later all.

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