Project report 4 :Components and planning for the next lab session

Hello everybody,

During this week, we continued the project’s development even if we didn’t had a lab session.

Firstly, we ordered the different components. In order to reduce the cost of the project, we recovered some parts that we found on a wash-machine like a pump and electro-valves. We also sought and ordered other components on web with the best quality-price ratio. About the greenhouse, we tried to get some Plexiglas plates to build it. For having more information, you can refer to the excel file linked below.

List of components V2

Secondly, for a better management of our time during next lab, we set target on the communication between Arduino board and the Raspberry PI. To make it easier, we split the team into two: Guillaume and Mathieu will work on the Arduino while Kévin and Vincent will handle the PI. This communication will be made by an USB cable. For each part, we are going to find out some documentation and then to design functions to set up the communication. We expect to make some tests.

We’ll keep both group for the whole project but we think that the Arduino part will be enclosed quickly. So, the Arduino team will switch on the Raspberry part.


See you soon,


Guillaume, Mathieu, Vincent, Kevin

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