2nd week of project: desertion of servomotor instead of static relay

Hello everyone,

This week, we specified the subject. Among our three subjects, we thought of several technical solutions to realize these various subjects. Thanks to that, we chose the most interesting project.

Firstly, we decided to develop a smart kitchen with a smoke hood to prevent before burning. But we have quickly changed the orientation of the project. In fact, this idea of the project has to use a CO2 sensor. This one is really expensive and the process risks to be not effective because of the sensitive.

Our project will concern only the management of a hotplate. We were in meeting with the team to talk about the equipment that we will need. Consequently, we agreed that we will only use the Arduino instead of the raspberry.

At the beginning, we chose to use a servomotor for the command of the power circuit. This solution is in fact difficult to realize because of the friction in the button and so the mechanical power of the servomotor is not enough. After discussions with other groups, we chose to use a static relay instead of servomotor. Indeed, the circuit is completely made of electronic: It’s smarter and more effective.

See you next week!


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