4th week

This week, since we didn’t had a lab session, we focused our attention on planning for the tasks we will need to perform. We also checked the components of the deep fryer we bought for our project.

We were hoping that this apparel was using a temperature sensor of some sort, either a CTN or CTP. Sadly, it uses a bulb thermostat, which doesn’t provide an information regarding the temperature of the oil, that we could exploit with the Arduino board.

Knowing that, we finalized the list of components needed for the project. It includes a solid state relay, that will allow to modify the power dissipated by the resistor. We also will be using a PT100 borrowed from the electronics lab for the duration of our project.

Regarding the task planification, we divided the work as follow: since we are still at the beginning of the project, there is still a lot of research needed

Mikail will be working with the Arduino to see how we could regulate the temperature
Matthieu will work on the communication between the Raspberry and the Arduino
Arthur will check how we could use Bluetooth to communicate with the Raspberry from a Cellphone
Jordan will investigate the graphical interface that we will use on the touchscreen
Kris will study how we could create a local server on the Raspberry, to be able to put a database there.

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