3rd lab session

Last week, we continued to familiarized ourselves with the hardware. This time, we focused our attention on the Raspberry board.

For half of our group, it had been the first time using such a board; they started to work on how to control it through a network connection: both the Raspberry and a computer were connected to the same router. By doing so, it was possible to control the Raspberry using a SSH protocol.
The next step was to investigate on how to perform simple tasks, like checking the different directories, creating a file,… After that, using a text editor, the group was able to write a simple piece of code in Python, to control a led using the GPIO pins of the Raspberry.

The other half of our group already had a session with the Raspberry board. In the first time, we tried to display the Raspbian graphical interface on the computer, instead of using the cmd to enter commands.
This was done using a small program called Xming, that uses an SSH protocol to display the Raspberry’s graphical interface.

With this tool we were able to start coding using different text editors installed on the Raspberry.
After that, we wanted to start working on the connection between the Raspberry and an Arduino board.
To do so, we had to install a UART dedicated python library, which was kind of tricky considering that we could not connect to internet with the Raspberry. But in the end, we managed to write a simple python code, that just printed that characters sent by the Arduino via a Serial connection.

Regarding the advancement of our project, we finalized the hardware requirements. We still need to buy a touchscreen for the Raspberry though. We will be using a deep fryer to simulate the brewery heating process: it already has a temperature sensor, as well as heating resistances.
We will have to make some modifications on the power control.

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