Lab 3 : Raspberry and Arduino

For the lab of this week, our project group was still divide in two. One part use the Arduino. We did the same of last week but we use also the temperature sensor. To use this sensor, we have to connect it to the anagogic input. To have the temperature write in Celsius Degrees, we use an equation to convert into Celsius degrees.


The other part of the group worked on the Raspberry Pi. The first part was to establish a connection with the Raspberry. We connect the Raspberry and the computer on the same router with RJ45 cables. When we found the ip address of the Pi, we use Putty to make a connection. We discover how works a Raspberry, we created a folder. We save the files in this folder. As we didn’t have an internet connection to install the GPIOzero library, we used the RPI.GPIO library which was already install on the Raspberry. This library is used to interact with the outputs and inputs of the Raspberry. We use it to power a LED, to blink it. As input, we use a button. We program the Raspberry to use the button to light on the LED with a single pressure and let it on.


It was interesting to discover the Raspberry, but for our project we will use only the Arduino.

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