Project report 3 : Lab 3 – Raspberry Pi

The aim of this lab consisted to communicate with a raspberry pi and the computer, in order to manage applications such as turn-on a LED and make it blinking. The LAN connexion was established with a RJ45 and using SSH protocol. Moreover, as we used several computers and electronic circuits (raspberry), a router was also used.

In more details, to get the local IP of the Raspberry pi, we commonly used the default IP address ( in a web browser. Then, we ran putty to make a secure connexion and communicate with the raspberry pi, the authentification name was « pi » and the password « raspberry ».

After that, as we didn’t have access to the internet and the Raspberry in the same time, we began to transfer the GPIOzero library by using WinScp. Unfortunately, the full installation of this package required internet. In consequence, the installation was incomplete, so we used the RPi.GPIO library already installed in the Raspberry.

At this step and after some manipulations (turn on a led, blink it,…), we tried to connect and control the Arduino which the programming language is Arduino (C/C++) and the raspberry pi (Python language on a Raspbian OS).

The physical link between them was a USB cable, so we used a specific library so-called “Serial” to send information (blink a led, …) and receive information (eg: what’s the value of a potentiometer).


Di Bartolo Vertessen Bouazza Pensis Simon

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