Project report 3 : Lab 3, planning and list of components

Hello everyone,

During Monday’s lab, we improved our skills and our knowledge about the Raspberry PI. We discovered the “nano” editor which is easier to handle than the “VI” editor. We manipulated the PI to remake a part of the laboratory on the Arduino board.

Beside the lab, we named the project “Basilic project” and  made a planning of different tasks which must be done on the Asana’s platform.


Asana Project

We also sought the different components that we need for the project by thinking of necessary power supplies and powers of the components. We visited several websites in order to find the better price. At beginning, we thought to use an electrical jack (used to open a window of the greenhouse) but it was too expansive, so we replaced it by a servomotor cheaper.


For the next week, we are going to start the reflexion and the programming of the Arduino board (When we’ll receive it) and draw the first version of the electrical design.

See you soon,

Guillaume, Mathieu, Vincent, Kevin

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