Last Training Lab & final project idea

Hi everyone,

This week we finally found our final idea for the project. After consultation, we started on the idea of medical diagnosis. Indeed, the idea of laser projection for “Kart Battle” seemed a little fuzzy as to the diagnosis we already know what kind of sensor we will use for the project.
The project will involve a measure of heart rate of a patient. Then we ll send this information on a secure website or directly to the doctor so that he can check the vital factor of his patient at any time.
The project will consist of a cardiac pulse sensor, an Arduino and a Raspberry Pi. We ordered the Arduino and Raspberry Pi this week.

In the lab, we have learned to use a Raspberry Pi and the associated coding language (Python). To use the Raspberry we had to download the “Putty” program to be able to code. The installation and initiation of the program was a bit tricky with the search for the IP address and the fact that we create everything from a specific encoding in the program (example: a new file).
We performed the same exercises with the Arduino but this time with Rasberry: to light a LED, to blink a LED, to use a push button to turn on the LED and to use a push button with a memory function for the LED stays on.

For the next week we will reflect in more detail on our project because it is the beginning of labs allowing us to work on our project.

See you later Aligator

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