Second lab, arduino

Hello everyone!

For the second lab, we divided the group. Two people who continued to work and to learn the arduino board working while two another people have learned to work on Raspberry.

We worked with an Arduino, a DC motor & some leds. The first part with the motor took us a lot of time, because we needed to use a new chip, called a “Driver”. First of all, we had to “google” the serial number of the chip to be able to find the datasheet. Then the most difficult part is to understand how the chip works and how to use it on our breadboard. There had a lots of wires but finally we were able to drive our DC motor in 2 directions with our Arduino.

The second part was with led, it was different from the “motor and driver” part, because the mounting on the breadboard with led and resistors was easy, the difficult part was to find the right way to drove led with the Arduino. Finally, after a quick “brainstorming”, we found the trick to drove them with just a few line of code. A for loop was use to incrementing the digital output who drove the leds, the delay was the analog value of the potentiometer.

See you soon,



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