Second lab session

Here is a small resume of what we did last week:


We did a list with every components needed to make our prototype. We also did a to-do list , with a task for everyone. We also did a Wrike due to the advice of our teacher. We have to be really organised because there are lots of works!


Arduino : lab 2


During this lab, we continued to experiment with the capabilities of the Arduino board.

First of all, we used a switch and a small code that printed something on the screen every time the switch changed state.

Then , we modified our code so that it would work with a simple button. The main difference between the switch and push button is that the state of the output is keeping up only when we push on button in push button. When we don’t push, it’s like a switch off. So, we added another variable that would store the previous state of the operation.

Note: There was a problem in our breadboard. We lost a lot of time searching for a mistake in the code, while the problem was a bad insulation between the holes we selected to connect our LED and the other wires.

We ended up the session by working with a temperature sensor, as well as with a potentiometer.

Raspberry : lab 1


During this lab, we started by trying to connect to the Raspberry pi. Since it’s basically a small computer, the best way would have been to connect a screen to the HDMI output. But since there were no screen available, we add to connect to it using a rj45 cable. With both the Raspberry and our laptop connected to the same switch, though the “cmd” from windows, we can access the Raspberry using a SSH protocol.

Through the cmd window, we started to experiment with the basic commands of the OS, a variance of Linux. We even accessed the Raspberry from the other group using SSH.

In the end, we managed to write a small code in python, to make a led blink. Even if it took us a crazy amount of time just to do that, it was very rewarding to see this led switch on and off (even if we did the mistake to write an infinite loop, causing the Raspberry to be completely frozen…)

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