Second lab and selecting items

This week, we predefined the blue print of our project. The number and the kind of sensors were estimated. 3 thermal sensors will be required. The first one to get the oil temperature before it goes inside the exchanger, another next to it and the last on the water cooling system located at the engine’s output.

The needed actuators were also selected, 2 solenoid valves would control the switch system between fuel and vegetables oil.

Furthermore we attended the second lab, the first part of the group tried to use the raspberry system but they had some problems for its using because of the library downloading. We didn’t really get the possibility to practise this technology due to this problem.

The second part was dedicated to the deepening of the Arduino system understanding. The analogic way was approached with some functions like analogRead/Write as well as the importance of the frequency sampling. We had time to try 3 different montages. The first allows a switching tension value between 0 and 5V. The job of the code was to display the state “HIGH” (5V) or “LOW” (0V) on the series monitor. The “Serial.println(val)” permits to display the state of “val” on the monitor. The second code contained a LED and its protection resistors; we had to display value only when the tension changed. The third and last code was a few similar to the second but the switch working system was different and we had to adapt the code to this situation.

See the report of the lab 2 :MA2EMLab2

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