Weekly report number 3 : Second electronics lab – first approach Raspberry Pi

For the first time, a part of the team worked with the Raspberry Pi.

Design standpoint, Raspberry looks like Arduino.Electronic board with some components.

Raspberry has including an Ethernet port, four USB 2.0 ports, a HDMI port and 40 pins (input and output). Firstly,we connected router to Raspberry by Ethernet cable.

After having found the IP address of Raspberry, we ran Putty (free open-source remote terminal emulator) to begin programming. Applications were similar with the Arduino : turn on a DEL, make it blinking, and turn it on with a push button.

When handling we experienced difficulties with the programming language library GPIOzero. The difficulty was to install it and use it in programming. We did not have internet access to download the library. So we decided to use the including “RPi.GPIO” library. After some manipulations and a lot of lost time, we could start manipulations following the tutorial. We turned the DEL on, blink it and turn it on with the push button successfully. With the last manipulation, we were able to control an output component with an input component.
For the programming, we used the programming Python language.
Finally, we think it’s easier to begin with Arduino than Raspberry.


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