Third Time

Hi everybody,

This week we presented our different ideas about the project. We had some difficulties. The project of the baby’s room seems too easy, so that the project of classification in different rays seems too complicated.
We must therefore consider other project ideas. Jeremy Tondeur offered to make a lazer projection for the company “Kart Battle”. We are studying this case. We also seek other project opportunities. For example, a medical diagnosis. We will study this idea and present it to the next lab.
At the lab of this week, we continue to improve our skills in software “Arduino”. We carried out various more complex exercises. For example, we use new features such as “pinMode ( )”, “Serial.begin ()”,…
With its various functions, we have especially been noted, and displayed in the monitor, the state of a switch button or push button. After that, we created a pushbutton memory system. So, LED lit when pressing the button once, and then switch off when pressing next time.Finally, we started a exercise including a temperature sensor. We found useful equation coding. Then we started coding. Unfortunately we did not have enough time in the lab to finish the rest of the exercises. We are still looking for ideas for our project. We’ll see the next week for the third lab.

We hope to have our final idea for that day.


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