First lab

Hello everyone!

We’re a little bite late to you but now we’re there.

For the first lab, we discovered the arduino board. It was very interesting to know all stuffs that we can do with this board. But actually we’re beginners and so we’ve learned to switch on a LED.

When you are able to operate a LED you can after do many things such as displaying numbers on a numeric display. In fact, this system is simply a set of LED that you have to switch on or off to write a number. However there are not enough output on the board if you want supply three numeric display. So we used a multiplexer and in this first lab we could see the differents possibilities that we have with this device.

In this exercise, the multiplexer serves as a switch. The multiplexer is controlled by the arduino and its particularity of that system is its rapidity. Thanks to its speed, it’s possible to use another electronics component to simplify the command of an application.

For example we needed only 3 outputs to control the digital display with the multiplexer. If we had just the arduino board we needed 8 outputs.

With electronic chips that are connected to the arduino, we can save inputs/outputs to make the same application.

You can see the difference of the number of outputs connected on the arduino with and without the multiplexer.



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