Subject Selection

Hi everyone,

A week has gone since our last meeting and I am proud to annouce that we selected two ideas after all our brainstroming, our jokes and our delirium.

We have two ideas and we dont know yet which one is possible or if it’s maybe too simple.

With the first idea, we would like to help the parent in there everyday life! We would like to create an application which would interact with a baby. For exemple, if the baby is crying. We ll send a message to the parents so that they ‘ll have to check him. Before the parents come in, the program’ll deal with the baby by playing a song or project a film so that he can think of something else.

The second idea is an intelligent archiving. Someone’ll scan a code and add a free adresse and the robot’ll take the document/box and put it in the right location. When the person come back with his code… He can easily take back what he gave earlier.

We’ll try to select one of this two ideas for our next meeting!

Thanks for reading us & see you later alligator.


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