Project summary

We are currently thinking about our project and we will probably design a device to run a diesel engine with vegetable oil. Old diesel engines can run on 100% sunbeam or colza oil with just a few modifications. The oil needs to be heated by the engine coolant to burn properly and doesn’t destroy the injection pump. To heat the oil we will probably use a heat exchanger from a home gas furnace.

To achieve this we want to start the engine with diesel and when it reaches is functional temperature, turn to oil to feed the injection pump.

The Arduino will command the system of bi-fueling. We want to command power relays and solenoïd valves to switch automatically between the two fuels. It will also display the temperature of the fuel and engine coolant and have an alarm in case of over-heating.

When the engine is stopped, the system has to be bleed of the oil by diesel to restart normally. To achieve this we will probably code a temporization in the Arduino to command the fuel pump.

We will probably use power relay because the electrical system of a car is in 12v DC and the Arduino work in 5v. The goal is to design a DIY kit for people who want to run their car with a renewable energy without a lot of modification.

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