First lab

Hello everyone,


Here is our first post regarding the project of this year. First of all, the member of our group:

Aydin Mikail, 2MMEEA
Eeckhout Kris, 2MMEEA
Lhoir Matthieu, 2MMEEA
Steenhaut Jordan, 2MMEEA

This week, we had our first lab with the Arduino board. During this session, we were able to discover the board by doing several manipulations.

First of all, we were able to light a led, one on the board and one that we connected on a breadboard. This manipulation ensures that everything is working well.

Secondly, we tried to control a 7 segment display so that it would count from 0 to 9. This showed us the need to work with levels of abstraction; to display something as simple as a number on the screen, quite a lot of code was needed; it would be easier to create a library containing functions made to display a specific number, so that for other projects, the coder just have to use one function to display a number. He doesn’t have to know how it is done.

In the end , we tried to solve one of the main issue when using 7 segment displays: the large amount of pin used. To do so, we had to use a multiplexer, which will allow to drive the 7 segment display with 3 Arduino pins instead of 8. This brought several complications; for example the need to add capacitors to be able to light more than one segment at the same time.

This lab really showed us what a nice tool this board is. It can be a very interesting platform to work on projects that need to control electrical and electronical parts, like Led’s or motors and so on.

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