First Laboratory – ADaDeDuTon


We are the new students for 2016. We are in the second year of our master in electromechanical engineering.

Here is the first publication for our first electronics laboratory.

The first laboratory was about Arduino. Arduino is an electronic card with a microcontroller. This card supports the C and C++ programming language. The program is uploaded thanks to the Arduino software and an USB cable.

It was asked to us to discover this electronic card.

To do this, we had to do for example blinking an incorporated LED and varying the intensity of a LED (by varying the tension on the output pin of the card).

It was also asked to us to make a counter. We needed the Arduino and a 7-segment display. It is very important to limit the current in the LED’s. To do this, it is needed to use resistances.

We made a binary counting over 5 bits where 1 LED represents each bit.

We got an explanation about a multiplexer.

We found this first laboratory fun and interesting.

The subject of our project for this year would be chosen at the end of this month (February).


See you soon on this blog for the next of our adventure.



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